20 March 2014

Oh, hello March

How is it March already? How is it almost the END of March already?! 

After I finished last year's reading challenge, I got excited. I read 8 books over my goal. Fifty books in a year. Whoa. I did that without even trying, really. Imagine if I made 50 my goal…how many more could I read if my basic goal was 50? 


You read that right. 


We have completed almost three months of 2014 (!) and I have finished exactly one book. 

I have been having a hard time finding books that capture my interest. I've started reading Cloud Atlas, That Hideous Strength, Parade's End, Beyond the Summerland…and that isn't even counting the books I started but didn't finish last year, like The Hobbit, Emma, Northanger Abbey. (And of course not even MENTIONING the 10 books I've had checked out since….well, ahem. A long time.)

So if I haven't been reading, what have I been doing? 
Watching TV. Pretty much, that is it. (Oh and 80s movies.)
I finished MI-5, which I highly recommend. Love it. 
House of Cards. If you want to completely lose faith in the government OR root for all the evil people in the world to win, this is the show for you. Do not start it lightly and when you finish it, make sure you watch 30Rock or something so you remember how to laugh. 
Speaking of laughing, my go to hilarious show is Vicar of Dibley. So funny.
As if I didn't have enough dark drama on my plate already, I started NBC's Dracula. I am still not sure how I feel about it. I really was intrigued by the ending and now of course, it will probably get canceled. I suppose I'll just go back to watching Sleepy Hollow…if FOX doesn't cancel that show too. (They have such a history of canceling good shows **coughFIREFLYcough**)

I have a couple of books on my "to read" shelf that I think I might have more success with in the next few weeks. I'm really looking forward to that. Oh, and I've come to a point in my life where I think I'm finally ready to … watch Star Wars.
Oh boy. This year will be interesting.