31 August 2014

I finally caved and read Divergent...

In the last two weeks, I've read 4 books and I'm pretty proud of that.
I think I've talked about it before but I get in this rut where all books feel like work, even if they are really really good and I'm excited about them. I keep stumbling along until I hit that one book that I either read in one day (which is usually the case) or is written so well that I WANT to read it in one day (even if that is impossible).

This time around, the book was Divergent by Veronica Roth. A lot of my friends and co-workers had read them and when we talked about books always seems shocked when they found out I hadn't read the series yet. Part of the delay was intentional. I had a lot of other things I wanted to read and I wasn't sure I was ready for another dystopian disappointment a la Catching Fire. My summer was quickly ending and I still hadn't finished a book so I asked my one friend to borrow his copy of it, just so I could see what the fuss was about. I ended up borrowing his ebook copy…which was a blessing and a curse: instant access and the pressing need to finish the book quickly. I started it on my dinner break and was blown away by how interesting I found the story. I had trouble getting back to work, wondering constantly what was going to happy next in the story. The philosophy and process behind the community and factions was fascinating. When I got home, I snuggled up with my e-reader and got to reading. I think I finished sometime around 3am and even though the writing was less than stellar, I really couldn't stop thinking about the story!

Chicago, years in the future. The city is split into five different factions, each representing a character trait and valuing that one thing above all others: Erudite values knowledge, Amity values peacemaking and kindness, Abnegation values selflessness, Candor values honesty, and Dauntless values courage and bravery. At sixteen, you take an aptitude test that determines the best faction for you to join. The decision is ultimately up to the person, but many people choose their faction based on the test. 

However, Beatrice Prior tests into three factions. How do you make a decision like that when you've spent your whole life depending on the test to decide for you? 

Honestly, the writing wasn't the best I've ever read. Better than Twilight, for sure, but still. Recently, I've been noticing the difference between Young Adult fiction and writing for young adults; this was writing for young adults. That made the reading quick and easy, if not a little frustrating. **
Like I said earlier, I LOVE the story and I'm still processing all of it. I'm almost finished with book three so when I'm done, maybe I'll do a slightly more involved post about the whole story. 

I'm also mostly through my first Colin Dexter mystery. It is different from all my Agatha Christie novels, but I kind of like it. More on that when I finish it. If that ever happens...

**Oh and I also saw the movie. Yikes. NOT great. I'm very sad that I wasted time watching that travesty. I mean, Theo James is never a waste of time…but the rest of it? Not so great.