15 May 2017

If the apocalypse comes, beep me

Well, I'm glad I embraced series in my last post because that is all I seem to be able to read these days. I don't quite know where comic books fall into this, but I've been reading a lot of them. 

This year, fans saw a 20th anniversary reunion of (most of) the Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast. After I cried (because there is NO WAY that Buffy is 20 years old), I decided it was time for a rewatch. I'm not even sure what number rewatch this is. Possibly five or six. I've lost count. The more I see season 1, the more I find it isn't as rough as I originally thought. It's been a few years since I watched it, so I was delighted when parts of the show were unfamiliar or flat out surprised me (Season 1, Episode 7--I'm looking at you!). The lines between the seasons are blurring, but I think the first four seasons are some of the best episodes. But of course, you can't forget about the season 6 gems: Once More, with Feeling and Tabula Rasa. OR the emotional drain that was almost the entirety of season 5. And for my Shonda fans out there, rewatch season 5 knowing that Ben grows up to be Frank Delfino from How to Get Away with Murder. 


Yes, well, and then I picked up the Buffy comics and made my way through the Buffy Omnibus comic collections. All seven of them. 

Continuing with the series theme of my life right now, I recently finished the second book in the Evil Librarian series. This one was sillier and funnier than the first, I think. I'm not desperately waiting for the next book in this series (not like I am for the last Invisible Library book) but I'll read it when it comes out, for sure.
Speaking of desperately waiting, I am waiting for a different copy of Buffy season 6 to come into the library. I forgot to mention that halfway through season two, Netflix took the show down. So now I have to do things the old way: borrow it from the public library. So far, I've gotten very lucky...so I should have seen this coming. In the waiting, I've watched Pushing Daisies again and caught up on the last few episodes of Reign. I mean, what else am I supposed to do, laundry? 

I'm in a bit of an book drought. I'm rereading Possession, which of course I love, but that is going slowly. I have a book in at the library soon, so I'll let you know about that one if I ever get it.  

Are you re-reading anything amazing? I hope so. Share the last book you just couldn't put down. I'm always up for a good suggestion! 

(Oh. PS. I've been tweeting my Buffy rewatch, so if you really need to know all my thoughts, you can pick it up over at @laura_heffner under the #buffyslays20 and #buffyrewatch tags.)