06 October 2015

Happy October!

My co-worker at the office has been listening to scary stories for the last few weeks. He keeps trying to get me to try them but I am firmly anti-scary. In any conversation about scary things, I usually bring up the fact that I was terrified of The Village for a few weeks after seeing it (often times leaving out that the color red was purged from my room for at least a month because I had trouble falling asleep...). 

I do not do scary. 

Well, not real scary. I do weird and strange, sure. But not scary. 

All of this is bringing us to my October recommendation: Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. (Oh and if you are having trouble finding the book by this title, check out the US publication title: Midnight Riot) 

My friend Lisa has been recommending this book to me since February (probably even before that) and I've just now gotten my hands on a copy. 
As the title suggests, the story takes place in London. Our narrator is PC Peter Grant who has just finished his probationary period and has been given a job in the Case Progression Unit. Basically, this means he will be filling out and finishing paper work so that proper constables can get back on the beat to protect the Queen's peace. 

This is all a disappointment to Peter, especially since this means he won't be able to continue working the case of the headless corpse from the night before or follow up on the witness statement he took from the ghost Nicholas Wallpenny that same night. 

I started this book last night and almost halfway through. It's hilarious, magical, and full of all things London. Obviously, this book is right up my alley. 
It reminds me, slightly, of that fabulous book by Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere. London is magical enough on it's own (in my opinion); so much more so, though, when you are dealing with actual magic in London. 

Are you reading any spooky-type stories this month? What do you recommend? 

PS If you are looking for more spooky titles, I guarantee almost anything by Neil Gaimain is perfect for October. Coraline (the creepiest children's story I've ever read) and The Ocean at the End of the Lane (full of magic) are two that I recommend. His short stories can also be delightfully creepy!