30 November 2015

C. S. Lewis Reviews The Hobbit, 1937

Instead of an original review today, I'm linking you to a review by one of my favorite authors, C. S. Lewis
I know I've had some serious words about the new Hobbit movies, but I'm 100% invested and loyal to The Hobbit in book form. Lewis's review of his friend Tolkien's book is brilliant. It gives a glimpse into what Lewis thought was important in a book and what he thought a reader wanted to know about a book. I know they were friends and all, but even without knowing that, the review is a plain old rave about Tolkien's new book:

To define the world of The Hobbit is, of course, impossible, because it is new. You cannot anticipate it before you of there, as you cannot forget it once you have gone.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Lewis review if he didn't plug his mantra that reading "children's books" was something that could (and should) be done by readers of all ages. I also love that he is an advocate of reading a book many times over the course of your life, learning something new with each journey. (On a very nerdy level, did everyone realize that in this very short review, he cites The Hobbit TWICE and does so appropriately with footnotes? This makes me love him even more!) 

And of course, the last sentence is what really did it for me: 

Prediction is dangerous: but The Hobbit may well prove a classic. 

I think you are safe in that prediction, friend. 

(Wow. As a side note, I was listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack while I was writing this...I eventually had to turn it off to focus. At first,I was just listening and then all of a sudden I was singing a long and NOT writing...)