03 April 2013

You've got red on you...

I was an intern at Mussleman Library at Gettysburg College for a year. I read a lot. I walked a lot. I watched a lot of DVDs. A lot. Their collection was better than my local public libraries and my university library combined. Black and white, award winners, British, American, French, TV series (all of Buffy, ftw!)-- you name it, they had it. It was awesome!
As you do, I got to talking with some of my co-workers about movies and what we liked to watch. Someone said to me, "Have you seen Hot Fuzz? You need to see it!" 
I said I would...and promptly fell in love with Firefly and Serenity. Oops. Not exactly the same thing...
Some time later, this co-worker again asked me if I had seen Hot Fuzz. Fine fine. 
I checked it out that night and watched it that night. 

 I loved it. It was hilarious and full of explosions! Full of the British wit that I have come to love...perfection. The image of Simon Pegg's character jumping over back yard fences (What's the matter, Danny? Never taken a shortcut before?) still makes me laugh.

Everyone I talked to had seen Shaun of the Dead but not Hot Fuzz; I had seen Hot Fuzz but not Shaun of the Dead. I'm not too big into zombies...well...I didn't used to be. Guess what ya'll?  Shaun of the Dead is HILARIOUS!

My friend Rachel insisted I needed to see it and so one Sunday night we Skyped  and watched Shaun of the Dead together. Best decision ever. She lives a few states away and I haven't seen her in...oh my gosh...like, five years. (Less than three, dude.) Anyway, Skyping to watch this movie was the next best thing to actually being in the room with her. 

I had just finished reading Nerd Do Well by the brilliant Simon Pegg, so some of the story line had been a bit spoiled for me. Did it ruin the film for me? Oh. No way. Not even possible. In his book, Simon Pegg talks about what got him into the "nerd world," what it was like for him growing up and about his film/acting/writing career. I might have thought it would have been more biographical, but he really just skirted around personal stories. Which, on the one hand, I commend him for. I think too much of the world is interested in the behind the doors life of the actors they love. And I think, sometimes, the actors of this world are all to happy to oblige. Keeping that door closed, the way I see it, humanizes them MORE than seeing all their dirty laundry. Just like you or like me, they keep things private. I think I respect Simon Pegg more for keeping that door closed than if he had opened it. Plus, when I see him act or read his book, I don't see his personal life; I see a good hilarious actor who makes zombies funny. 

Sorry. Rant over.

Anyway...Shaun of the Dead. Rom-Zom-Com. Romantic Zombie Comedy.  Zombies slowly invade Shaun's neighborhood right around the time he realizes he needs to reorganize and get his life together. Talk about the fates conspiring against you. Don't worry though, Shaun has a plan: Take car. Go to Mum's. Kill Phil (his step-father who is in the process of becoming a zombie. Sorry Phil.) Grab Liz (the girl who recently dumped him for, you guessed it, not having his life together). Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.
Sounds simple. But when does life ever go according to plan? I highly recommend this film. It is hilarious, there are zombies, a brief appearance by Martin Freeman, and the great comedic timing of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. What more could you want? 

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